Juan Campodónico

Live Set

2017 Juan Campodónico Live Set
Juan brings his set blending original music composed and produced for his different music projects remixed for a unique performance combining software, synthesizers, vocals and guitar. His set is an innovative work in progress.
In the rhythms, textures and melodies sounding in his live set you can feel the Afro influence of the Uruguayan candombe drums, tango (Buenos Aires and Montevideo's chamber music) and cumbia in its most austral and rough version. At the same time the set is surrounded by traces of minimal techno and trap.

Since its beginnings, Juan's music applied the sampler and remix culture brought by electronic music, creating a new way to see these contributions from the south of South America. His work shows a vast understanding of the Rio de la Plata sonic landscape from a contemporary sensibility.

Since the creation of Bajofondo, along with Gustavo Santaolalla, Juan's vision is part of the inquisitiveness of a new scene of Latin American electronic musicians.
The mix of past and present, tradition and contemporaneity in his production brings a timeless quality to his music, connecting with the richness and diversity of Latin American culture. Is a trip to the roots but also and exploration of new possibilities, projecting his work in a search of new styles and genres with identity and historical sense.